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Flowers are living art that make our personal moments more memorable, more special. The flowers of your moments no longer need to be tossed away or hung to dry. The flowers of your life can live on from your first dance to your 50th wedding anniversary. 


Andrea has worked to preserve your living art, and the moments it was designed for, by collaborating with an eclectic collection of talented artists from across Canada to bring you: Canvassed.


Order a custom floral arrangement and commission one of our featured artists to interpret your floral design into a lasting composition. Each featured artist comes from a different background, offers a different style, and is inspired in different ways. Browse below and inquire today.* 

*Prices vary based on design, artist, and specifics to the custom order. A formal quote will be provided after your inquiry form is submitted.


Niki is an artist and illustrator working from her home studio in Carlisle, Ontario. She paints predominantly in watercolour, focusing on landscapes, objects, and most often, florals that allows her to show off this light and airy medium. She believes a painting is the perfect way to preserve a normally temporary arrangement or bridal bouquet, as a permanent piece of artwork to cherish.

Jason Balducci is a contemporary figurative painter who lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. Originally from Italy, his colourful paintings and distinctive personal style emanate energy and spontaneity, expressing the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of the expressionist movement. He believes to make a mark on canvas is to open the door of possibility, to be moved profoundly, and to move others. That is the heart and soul of painting. Balducci’s artwork has been shown in exhibitions in Europe and America.

beyond words. mixed media on canvas 50x4

Reynold Thomas is a visual artist, based in Toronto, Ontario, whose work shows a perfect mix of exquisite beauty and raw strength. His art is marked by distinct colour selections, bridging abstract and figurative art to capture on canvas what transcends reality. Thomas uses the visual sensory experience of his work as a space to explore and deconstruct the female identity and body—spiritually and physically. His work is a recalling and remembrance of grace and culture coupled with an excavation of modernity through the symbol of beauty.

Dineen_Ailsa Craigen.jpg

Ailsa Craigen is an illustrator based in Toronto, Ontario. Ottawa-born, she attended Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada for her Bachelor of Architectural Science (Co-op) and Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands for her Master of Science in Architecture. Ailsa’s most recent work is the A-Sketch-A-Day Series, a series of 365 ink sketches of places and things. While ink is her primary medium, she also works with watercolour and digital drawings. Her work has been featured in spaces across Toronto such as Balls, Goldstruck and Lovt Studio. Ailsa also offers illustrations of wedding bouquets and flowers. 

Maude Gervais is an illustrator and painter based in Quebec City, Quebec. Lover of the city and the urban scene, she brings contrast to her fast-paced life with the softness of illustrations and watercolour. Her unique and delicate style brings beauty and stillness to the world - one flower arrangement at the time!

Screenshot 2020-06-25 at 1.08.48 PM.png
YOU ARE LIGHT 30x40 Jose Cifuentes 2020

Jose Cifuentes is a mixed media abstract artist from Medellin, Colombia. Jose moved his life and practice to Toronto, Canada, to find inspiration for his current chapter of creation. Known for manifesting varied visual representations of freedom, his art is a mixture of thick knife strokes with free-hand illustrations on canvas and recycled surfaces. He collects and portrays moods and faces that are in vivid, visceral paint strokes, loose lines, deliberate drips and passionate splatters--all this to the great end of creating the ideal marriage of fine and urban art. Check out a series Jose and Andrea have been working on here


Suji Wong is an oil sketch artist based in Cambridge, Ontario. Suji practices classical oil painting techniques and process that she learned while studying at Studio Toscanella in Florence, Italy. Each painting begins with pencil or charcoal, followed by an oil sketch, which establishes key elements. The painting is completed with oil pigments in local colour. 


Interested in becoming one of our featured partner artists?

Contact us and we will be in touch!

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