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This series is a collaboration between Andrea Johnson and mixed media abstract artist Jose Cifuentes.


Andrea was inspired to collaborate with Jose on this series after witnessing how Jose creates faces based on Andrea's floral designs -- meeting her flowers as a person, freed from just being a flower. 


The two artists began this series in an effort to showcase the journey of flowers -- from farmer, to florist, to artists, transforming the life in a flower, into a face in a painting. Each arrangement is composed from one local Ontario flower farm, who donated their blooms for the new series. 

Six arrangements and painting are planned for the series. Click on the painting images to purchase prints or click on the arrangement images to read a blog post from Andrea about the arrangement, painting and featured farm. 


If you would like to commission Jose, or another Canvassed artists, for your own arrangement and painting, inquire here today.* 

*Prices vary based on design, artist, and specifics to the custom order. A formal quote will be provided after your inquiry form is submitted.

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