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Canvassed Artist Feature: Jason Balducci

In our micro-blog series, we feature one of the distinct Canadian artists taking part in Canvassed.

We have collaborated with these unique artists to interpret your floral arrangement into lasting compositions.

Jason Balducci

Jason is a Contemporary Figurative Painter who has been surrounded by art his entire life. Simply stunned by Jason’s emotive work, I had to reach out, learn more, and collaborate. I discovered that Jason’s parents both worked as artists, more specifically his mother created floral arrangements -- a very unexpected connection. He grew up in an environment that embraced his creative nature, encouraged exploration of different visual stimulations, and supported his journey to discover his own artistic style.

As a child, Jason felt a bit different then others, a kind of outsider unable to express his feelings in words. He would prefer to spend his time alone with his art, finding visual ways to express himself. He discovered that when he responds with his brush, rather than words, he begins a conversation with the viewer that is something more, something sensual -- a dance. The visual experience he offers his audience is richer, deeper and fuller through his paintings. The marks on Jason’s canvas are his response to the voices, the tastes, and the touches he experiences.

Jason does not know what his paints will look like before he begins, how they will come to life is a mystery. I greatly connected with Jason on this -- both of us unsure of how a piece comes together. We both just begin. With so much in common in our creation process, Canvassed has given us a way to connect across mediums.

After partnering with Jason on Canvassed, I asked him why he joined. Simply put, he thrives on challenges and hates routine. Working with floral compositions as inspiration is something new that Jason feels can push and bring his art to a new level.

Jason currently lives and works in Toronto, ON.

To commission Jason Balducci as your artist, complete the Canvassed Design Form.

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