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Canvassed Artist Feature: Reynold Thomas

In our micro-blog series, we feature one of the distinct Canadian artists taking part in Canvassed.

We have collaborated with these unique artists to interpret your floral arrangement into lasting compositions.

Reynold Thomas

Reynold Thomas is a Visual Artist, specializing in abstract figurative art. His work is a recalling and remembrance of grace and culture coupled with an excavation of modernity through the symbol of beauty. His style has been developed from combining figurative art, line art, and abstraction with a focus on afrocentricity and body positivism -- exquisite beauty and raw strength. Now take a moment to just process all of those incredible influences infused into one style of art!

When I came across Reynold’s figurative art it felt like the embodiment of flowers come to life. His distinct color choices and line work impacted me in a way I can’t describe -- but he can -- his work ‘transcends reality.’ The moment I saw Reynold’s art, I knew I wanted to present it to my clients because of how moving it is.

After reaching out to Reynold, I learned that he has been an artist his entire life and it is his form of self-expression. He takes inspiration from his own journey to motivate and be an example for young artists -- striving to show them that they can be successful with their passion to create.

He finds his art through an amalgamation of research from stories, concepts, and perspectives that speak to a theme that interests and inspires him; and he channels this effort into a representation of the figure.

Additionally, Canvassed is not his only collaboration. More notably, Reynold has collaborated with CAMH Foundation, The Alzheimer’s Association, The Opulent Club, Broken Cage Gallery and Operation Prefrontal Cortex.

I, of course, asked Reynold why he said ‘yes’ to joining Canvassed -- and a smile immediately came to my face with his response. Reynold believes this project opens the opportunity to grow as an artist and engage with a new client base. Just like I wanted to bring clients Reynold’s uniquely moving art, he is inspired by the challenge of embracing an entirely new audience. It’s time to create magic together!

Reynold currently lives and works in Toronto, ON.

To commission Reynold Thomas as your artist, complete the Canvassed Design Form.

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