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Canvassed Artist Feature: Suji Wong

In our micro-blog series, we feature one of our distinct Canadian artists taking part in Canvassed.

We have collaborated with these unique artists to interpret your floral arrangement into lasting compositions.

Suji Wong

I am excited to welcome Suji Wong to Canvassed! Suji Wong is an oil sketch artist based in Cambridge, Ontario. Suji practices classical oil painting techniques and processes which she learned while studying at Studio Toscanella in Florence, Italy.

Each painting begins with pencil or charcoal, followed by an oil sketch, which establishes key elements. The painting is then completed with oil pigments in local colour, on watercolor paper -- producing a lively, energetic and vibrant painting! This time-honored style of painting is highly appreciated and cherished by people of all ages and cultures, and Suji is a master.

Suji embarked on her artistic journey in 2013, after retiring from Conestoga College as a Professor of English as a Second Language. She has not only studied in Brantford and Cambridge, but she has completed intensive art studies in Portugal, Morocco, Scotland and numerous studios in Florence, Italy.

Suji chose to specialize in painting florals, as they awaken the artist within her. Inspired by the timeless expression of beauty, Suji not only describes flowers as beautiful but ‘bold & nuanced, expansive & detailed, colorful & subdued.’ Capturing these aspects is the challenge that excites Suiji and inspires her to express and interpret flowers from life into her oil paintings.

Suiji and I are very much inspired from the same source! She usually paints her own floral creations made from local flowers and foraged goods from the countryside, and if anyone knows me, I am most inspired when I am working from the same types of flowers! This makes our partnership in Canvassed especially magical.

When I asked Suji why she was interested in collaborating together on Canvassed, she told me that capturing a specific memorable beauty is a particularly beguiling challenge, and she is motivated by that challenge. The outcome for her and the viewer is complete emotional satisfaction and surprising magic. Suji is currently painting with Laurie Wonfor Nolan at her studio in Roseville, Ontario.

To commission Suji Wong as your artist, complete the Canvassed Design Form.

Left arrangement: Max Gill Design, Berkeley CA / Middle arrangement: Suji Wong, Cambridge ON / Right arrangement: Suji Wong, Cambridge ON.

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