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Canvassed Artist Feature: Niki Kingsmill

Welcome to our micro-blog series highlighting the artists of Canvassed!

In this series, we feature the distinct Canadian artists we have collaborated with to interpret your floral arrangement into their individual medium/style.

Niki Kingsmill

Niki has been painting her entire life, sharing watercolour as a hobby with her mum and grandmother. Growing up, she always knew she would pursue arts in her post-secondary education. During her studies in art school, Niki explored oil and acrylic. She experienced these mediums as confusing and unnatural to her style -- and remained disconnected from her love of watercolor. She began a career in financial services to find herself unhappy at work and wanting to be painting again.

On January 1st, 2015 she began a year of ‘An Artwork a Day’ strictly with watercolour. Since achieving this goal, she has never looked back and committed to her art wholeheartedly.

Niki finds inspiration in many different ways -- lately she has been fascinated by painting her grandparent's old photos. She is captivated by the scenery, the clothes, the cars, the distorted colours and memories of a different time -- all things analog, nothing digital; a time when you had to be so much more thoughtful in your subject matter.

While Niki finds joy in painting everything from objects, food, drinks, and landscapes, she is deeply passionate about painting florals. She is motivated by the concept of preserving what would normally be a temporary arrangement as a permanent piece of artwork to cherish. Our stories, what drives us, and goals aligned so perfectly from our first chat, the collaboration was meant to be. Niki also offers bridal bouquet painting for our brides.

Niki currently works from her home studio in Carlisle, ON. To commission Niki Kingsmill as your artist, complete the Canvassed Design Form.

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