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Canvassed X Cifuentes: A Series - Yes

The fourth creation in the six piece artwork series featuring Canvassed artist, Jose Cifuentes is here! And it speaks to me on so many levels!

Canvassed X Cifuentes Series showcases the journey of flowers -- from farmer, to florist, to artists. It transforms the life of a flower into a face in a painting; And the results are breathing taking! You can see all of the work as they comes to life in the Canvassed X Cifuentes Series Gallery.

When I asked Cifuentes about his experience paining YES, he described this creation as a profound piece. And it is indeed. The new elements that have been added to this latest piece are so edgy against its backdrop! It strikes a perfect balance between the elegance of flowers and dynamics of everyday life. When discussing how the piece came to Cifuentes, he had this to say:

IT Came to me in a moment where the pandemic was morphing into an endless cycle, getting darker by the day. However the answers to all my questions ended up being "yes" and many opportunities opened up. Many of which have consolidated my beliefs in the benefits of working hard in order to reach the goals and make a living from something you love. This painting strives to reflect that there is a possible "YES" if you ask the right questions or if you are prepared for the answers life throws at you. No matter what, make sure you are ready.

I can relate to this as I have definitely been in the deep, dark endless cycle; And it was only by seeking opportunities within my art and business that has helped me to see brighter days.

I really enjoyed reflecting on this notion of "yes" and how that word can be found in flowers. If you look at the arrangement that Cifuentes' painting is inspire from (pictured here) you can see the delicate dance of "yes" in each flower. A flower does not say "no" to blooming beautifully, it simply knows its purpose and responds "yes" to the will of nature.

This floral design was created with a stunning palette from Flora Grey and when the flowers arrived, they looked so perfect just in their wrap, I knew it wouldn't be hard to create something magical. I was instantly inspired to create a very wild, natural arrangement, as if to just say "yes" to wherever the flowers wanted to be placed. I am a big fan of how the cosmos gathered together at the front of this piece.

Flora Grey is Based in Grey Highlands, Ontario, and produces a wide varriety of sustainably grown cut flowers, ornamentals, vegetables, herbs, and select pantry goods. Their guiding principles are based in patience and gratitude, as they work for the betterment of soil, community, and overall livelihood. A limited number of prints (in two sizes) are now available in the shop, and if you would like to purchase the original painting you can inquire with Jose Cifuentes directly.

And don't forget to check out the gallery as this series continues to expand. If you would like to commission your own floral design and painting, please inquire here.

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