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Canvassed X Cifuentes: A Series - SWIFT EDGE

I am excited to announce the launch of the second creation in the six piece artwork series featuring the incredibly talented, Canvassed artist, Jose Cifuentes! If you haven't yet, check out the blog introducing Jose as part of Canvassed, detailing who he is as an artist (you can read it HERE.)

Canvassed X Cifuentes Series showcases the journey of flowers -- from farmer, to florist, to artists, transforming the life in a flower, into a face in a painting. Jose creates his paintings from photos of my floral arrangements; he hones into each floral arrangement by focusing on the colours, textures, and mood to begin his creations. When I asked him about his journey in creating SWIFT EDGE, it came at a time that some people would describe as a turbulent, but for him it was exciting and inspiring!

This piece comes to life at cool moment in my life, starting new jobs during a pandemic and having an overflow of inspiration out of all this. SWIFT EDGE brings determination and intention into the series, a feeling of wholeness while staring at life directly in the eyes, without fear. The flowers used in this piece were joyful and full of great energy, perfect for my colour composition.

I am always inspired by Jose's bright and positive outlook, and the arrangement that SWIFT EDGE was created from (pictured here) is nothing but the bright-side of life! This arrangement was created with an array of happy, colorful stems from Willow & Wilde Florals!

I wanted to highlight the wide variety of stems at my disposal, so what better way to showcase them then by creating a spectrum of colour--you can follow from white to a dark purple (almost black) from left to right! I also arranged the florals in a dramatic and almost effervescent way, that truly came to life in Jose's painting!

Willow & Wilde Florals is a micro flower farm owned by Clare Ambraska. She just wrapped up her first season -- and boy was it a success! This mother of two little boys runs her farm in Alliston, Ontario. With her array of wonderful stems, she sells designs on her flower stand, fulfills custom orders, and designs for weddings and events! She does it all, and then some! Clare and I worked together to host a workshop to close-out the 2020 season and we are planning a second for Spring 2021! The life you see in the floral arrangement and painting, truly stems from the wonder woman who runs Willow & Wilde - Clare Ambraska!

A limited number of prints (in two sizes) are now available in the shop, and if you would like to purchase the original painting you can inquire with Jose Cifuentes. I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I do!

If you would like to commission your own floral design and painting, please inquire here.

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