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Canvassed X Cifuentes: A Series - SOULMATES

I am so excited to be sharing this blog post with you! It is finally the launch of an artwork series that I have been working hard at with the incredibly talented, Canvassed artist, Jose Cifuentes! If you haven't yet, check out the blog introducing Jose as part of Canvassed, detailing who he is as an artist (you can read it HERE.)

Jose has been inspiring to work with, in fact, it was our first creation together that sparked the idea of a series. After seeing his painting, IN TO YOU, I immediately felt a deep connection to his work. Jose's paintings create a face for my floral creations -- it's like I get to meet the flowers as a person, freed from just being a flower. And after witnessing this for the first time, I immediately wanted to create more art with Jose.

I did not want to wait for a commissioned piece to keep working with Jose, but begin to create art together for art and inspiration's sake; and so I approached him to ask if he would like to create a series of six original pieces inspired by six exclusive floral arrangements.

This is how Canvassed X Cifuentes Series was born.

But that's not it.

Jose's paintings have allowed me to meet my arrangements as individuals. And when you view flowers in that light, you begin to wonder where they came from -- from a seed, which, when cared for, transforms into the perfect bloom--and farmers are the ones that put in all of that care.

I decided that I wanted to see what people Jose could bring to life if I only used blooms from one featured farmer in each arrangement -- letting farmers meet their blooms as people. So I connected with five local flower farmers and one wholesaler, who donated their blooms to the new series.

As a result, Canvassed X Jose Series has truly showcases the journey of flowers -- from farmer, to florist, to artists, transforming the life in a flower, into a face in a painting.

SOULMATES is the first painting of this series to be released, and the arrangement (pictured here) features the blooms from Palatine Roses! Palatine Roses is located on Palatine Hill in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. This special location allows them to have a longer growing seasons because of the higher heat units than most of Canada. This incredible location + detail oriented farming + a holistic approach to soil management = roses that are to die for--and this arrangement and painting showcase that quality.

The arrangement was designed to lean into the word "Palatine". The arrangement was designed in a crown-like shape in a gold container, providing a sense of high-class. It's also romantic and dramatic, as if to be reaching for something more.

Jose created the painting you see here, from the photo of the arrangement above. Jose hones into each floral arrangement by focusing on the colours, textures and mood to begin his painting. He imagines the most subtle but expressive face staring directly into you, and the impression of the flowers carefully painted on the canvas as to combine both body and nature in a seamless dance of colours.

This is the life Jose saw in the arrangement I created with Palatine Roses. Who do you see in SOULMATES?

If this piece speaks to you, a limited quantity of SOULMATES prints are available for purchase here.

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