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Canvassed X Cifuentes: A Series - OASIS

The third creation in the six piece artwork series featuring Canvassed artist, Jose Cifuentes is here! And I am obsessed with the arrangement and painting!

Canvassed X Cifuentes Series showcases the journey of flowers -- from farmer, to florist, to artists. It transforms the life of a flower into a face in a painting; And the results are breathing taking! You can see all of the work as they comes to life in the Canvassed X Cifuentes Series Gallery.

When I asked Cifuentes about his experience creating OASIS, he expressed that this painting has been the biggest challenge of the series thus far. He shared that the flowers made him feel a sense of controlled chaos expressing that...

I am going through sort of the same situation in my personal life. Uncertainty is everywhere I look, and this painting kept reminding me of that. those flowers. those arrangements, painting and using these images are my happy place today, my oasis.I personally love this piece and the face I portrayed, as her hair is interacting with the arrangement and gives that illusion of movement.

I find his experience with the arrangement particularly interesting, as I had the same interactions with the flowers when creating the arrangement (pictured here). This floral design was created with a stunning palette from Garden Party Flower Farm and I worked on this creation in while in the middle of reading Cultivated: The Elements of Floral Style by Christin Geall.

I was inspired to create a grand arrangement, after looking at all of the intensely beautiful creations throughout Gealls book. I intentionally selected a vase that looks like it belongs in a secret garden -- with a mossy texture -- and arranged the blooms to look as if they are trying to break free from there container in a chaotic, yet balanced way -- capturing movement. I get the same feeling when I look in the eyes of Jose's painting!

Garden Party Flower Farm donated the stems you see in this creation. They are based in St. Agatha, Ontario with over four acres of free range flowers for florists, event planners, weddings, and DIY-ers. They offer pick-your-own flowers all season long! How COOL?! Theresa, owner and farmer, focuses on using organic growing techniques that are climate friendly in effort to assist with cooling the planet. Even COOLER!!

A limited number of prints (in two sizes) are now available in the shop, and if you would like to purchase the original painting you can inquire with Jose Cifuentes directly. And don't forget to check out the gallery as this series continues to expand.

If you would like to commission your own floral design and painting, please inquire here.

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