We are obviously lovers of all things flowers, but Andrea is also a big fan of craft beer! And just like craft beer, Andrea knows the best bouquets are made up of the best ingredients and come in small batches. So we've worked to bring you the Small Batch Bouquet Subscription. And trust us, it's the most scrumptious flower subscription you'll find!


Each month Andrea expertly designs a limited number of Small Batch bouquets made entirely of local blooms! Wrapped up beautifully, these stems are delivered straight to your door. And we know wrapping = waste, so we only wrap our bouquets in paper, and tied with a reusable ribbon! We urge all of our subscribers to recycle their wrapping and reuse their ribbons!


And don't worry about forgetting when your flowers will be delivered, we send out an email reminder a few days before each delivery (but it makes for a pretty awesome surprise if you forget!). Check out our delivery dates below and subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months!


January 21st 2021 (orders close January 19th) - Fresh Arrangement  - SOLD OUT

February 18th 2021 (orders close February 16th) - Fresh Arrangement - SOLD OUT

March 18th 2021 (orders close March 16th) - Fresh Arrangement - SOLD OUT

April 22nd 2021 (orders close April 20th) - Fresh Arrangement - SOLD OUT

May 20th 2021 (orders close May 18th) - Fresh Arrangement - SOLD OUT

June 17th 2021 (orders close June 15th) - Fresh Arrangement - SOULD OUT

July 22nd 2021 (orders close July 20th) - Fresh Arrangement 

August 26th 2021 (orders close August 24th) - Fresh Arrangement 

September 23rd 2021 (orders close September 21st) - Fresh Arrangement 

October 21st 2021 (orders close October 19th) - Fresh Arrangement 

November 18th 2021 (orders close November 16th) - Fresh Arrangement 

December 18th 2021 (orders close December 16th) - Dried Arrangement 


If you, or whomever you’re gifting, won’t be around on the Small Batch delivery dates, you can either have the order sent to another address (delivery fees may be charged; email us with the address change) or we refund you for the month you will miss! In order to be refunded you, you must cancel your order before the 8th of each month. 


Please Note: local blooms may not be available between October and April. We will do our best to support our local farmers during the off-season in unique and creative ways! But some blooms in our bouquets may not be local during this time period. As we know, Ontario has pretty brutal winters and flowers don't like the snow!



Small Batch Bouquet Subscription

Price Options
Small Batch 3 Month
The perfect flower subscription for a gift!
C$50.00monthly/ 3 months
Small Batch 6 Month
Subscribe for 6 months & save $30!
C$45.00monthly/ 6 months
Small Batch 12 Month
Subscribe for 12 months & save $90!
C$42.50monthly/ 12 months