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 A Little Modern.
 A little Antique.
 A lot Unique.

About me and how I found my unique.

Growing up, my family remembers me as a child that was always making something, always creating something! I had a craft table that was never clean (except for the small corner where I would make all the things), glue was usually in my hair, and paint or cake icing was pretty much permanently on my clothes. Somewhere along the way of growing up, I stopped walking down that creator path and had a six year career in advertising as an Account Manager.

During that time, I decided I would take a much needed vacation, and while most people head to a beach somewhere, I decided to do something that took me back to my childhood; I chose to practice floral forms with the New York Botanical Garden. During this intensive workshop, I was one of the lucky ones that rediscovered my passion to create and I found my medium, all at once. 


Finally, after six years in advertising, it was time to listen to my heart and take a leap of faith! In September 2019, I started Andrea Johnson Floral Design with incredible support from my husband, family, and friends. So this story seems as though I discovered floral design as a sort of happy accident while in a career that I did not enjoy. But, I came across some cool information that made me stop and think if I accidentally discovered my passion for floral design, or was it always meant to be?

My maiden name is Kwiecinski. It is Polish and can be broken down into two parts. “Ski” in Polish means “of” and names derived from places usually ended in “ski”. "Kwiecin" is the name of a town which is derived from the Polish word "kwiat" meaning "flower". If you put it all together, my maiden name translates to “of flower.” 

The importance of a name and how it can influence a person's life on many levels has been discussed and studied for years. So I’ve got to wonder, just a little bit, was I always meant to become a floral designer? I didn't hangout with flowers all my life or anything romantic like that, I just sort of found them. Perhaps it was fate?


While I may not have a conventional story, this is my story and I am so excited to be on this new adventure!

Each floral designer has their specific look and feel and I define Andrea Johnson Floral Design as, A little modern. A little antique. A lot unique. You’ll find touches of what is on trend and what has always been classic, and then it will all be arranged through my unique design aesthetic with something foraged. I firmly believe that adding foraged elements from my environment elevates a design's texture and helps to tell a deeper story about our delicate Mother Nature --  a touch of place and time that you will never be able to find elsewhere. My look is full, organic, but still refined.  

The goal of Andrea Johnson Floral Design is not to re-create floral designs that are on trend, but to create art using flowers. We are a studio that produces truly one-of-a kind designs and never the same thing twice. A painter could most certainly paint the same picture over again, but where is the art in that? 


I hope my story and style resonates with you; And I look forward to collaborating with you in the future!

- Andrea Johnson

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